This Other Life EP

by Low Island

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Too young Not to see this through Too young To know what to do I just wanna see you happy None of this will ever matter Pulled apart but you’re back again That pressure wasn’t what you needed Now I’ll take you anywhere, anywhere We’ll get back what once was there And just like that, like that we’ll skim On the surface You won’t even notice Sometimes, you’re misunderstood but then Sometimes, we’ve done all that we can I just wanna see you happy You’re always one step ahead Always checking to see what’s there But the truth is you don’t know yet, know yet And it doesn’t even matter
We climb in our shells And wander the beach It’s ok, it’s ok to feel lonely And get swallowed up, and steal away And tell no one, no not a soul where we lie Unseen, unknown You know who I am but don’t know me at all You can’t think, feel touch You’re all I need but don’t give me enough On the phone, at night Sometimes you laugh And sometimes you cry All this other life Keeps you up in a pool of blue light The whole world tucked away Just like daylight, it keeps everyone awake Overcome, overcome Time to choose It’s a drug, it’s a drug that you can’t refuse Sold as fun, sold as yours Nothing to lose It’s a drug, it’s a drug that you can’t refuse
You remind me Of how much, I’ve given up I’ve given up In the light of, this evening I can’t ask for more I can’t ask for more We can sit around, and talk Just like we used to Like we used to As our faces, get older I still know you There’s a kind Of sea That holds me That holds me And makes me feel free Not young anymore But we try To keep that feeling Alive And all this space And all this life Will still be here Still be here I wanna live a life That loves
You don’t mean the things that you say when you’re... You don’t know what you’re talking about do ya?... If I were you, I wouldn’t do that If I were you, I wouldn’t say that Once again you’re repeating yourself, talkin’... Nod, yawn and a roll of the eyes, wrap it up... What on earth are you doing? If you ask me, you’re doing it wrong And you should calm down, come down, wise up, sharpen up There’s so much to win if you’re up to the task So ill-advised, ill thought out, rushed and reckless Everything to lose, you’re not up to the task Hot air Now you’re misrepresenting yourself, foolish... I would do anything just to make you shut up... If I were you, I would’a done it different So seethrough, so indignant
First come, first served I got here first Red in tooth and claw... Read the sign and keep your distance Keep away from me I’m not on your side... I can’t recognise a scrap of myself in you And I can’t get over it I can’t get my head around it “If there is something wrong I can look after you” These aren’t the lines on which we think “How are you getting on? I can look out for you” You were built to break It’s not my problem It’s a natural law... It’s so natural and all your weakness Puts me on edge I’ve got my eye on you... I refuse you the peace and quiet that you seek I’m not your ally I am an island
My time, here will be spent Holding on, to the love that I’ve been given That I’ve been given I’ve been given Something’s changing, round the corner of your eyes If we’re not careful, time will pass us by Time will pass us by Don’t lose your nerve You’ll get hurt In the midst of it all I can see you through The more time passes The easier it becomes To let go Of what you’ve lost
Let me fall into your shadow And paint me with your tomorrows Cos I’ve been told times a healer And that things will get better I have fought for this one I’m not giving up I’m just not here And now that it’s lights out No more speaking with a muted mouth Cos I’m not tired but I sleep And I’m not hungry but I eat I have stood by this one I’m not giving up Just full of fear Now the focus is clearer So sharp I can see you With every second I’m still I think about what might have been We say it best When we’re honest But the truth can hurt


Low Island's third EP.


released January 1, 2018

All tracks written, performed and produced by Low Island.


all rights reserved



Low Island UK

Low Island is a collaboration between DJ/Producers Jamie Jay and Carlos Posada, bassist Jacob Lively, and jazz drummer Felix Higginbottom. You’ll never find Low Island forced into wearing a creative straightjacket. seeing no contradiction in slipping between uplifting electronica and intimate ballads – or merging the two. It was a step that was both deliberate and natural. ... more

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