Shut Out The Sun EP

by Low Island

You can shake all the old ideas of how you should be You can break ‘outta all these walls, start talking to me I want the long answer I want the long answer We need to talk about it Talk about it Look at you, you’ve become so good at holding the line Steely gaze, break the eye contact: “yeah, everything’s fine” From now on, I ain’t staying away from you I ain’t staying away from you ‘Cos I never believe you I just don’t believe you ...I just don’t believe that it’s just “one of them things” Or that there’s nothing to be done, who told you that?
I know you better than you know.... How can I make money? How can I watch Game of Thrones? How can I help the homeless? Why did I end up alone? Am I beginning to like him? Or am I depressed? Am I over the limit? Am I over my ex? Why hasn’t anyone tried to be a superhero? Why hasn’t anyone asked me out? Why do people always cancel? Or am I alone in that? Put it in a box Everything you’re asking I know what you mean And I know what you’re feeling Put it in a box All of your questions I know what you mean And I know your intention Can you ever forgive me? Will you ever love me again? I don’t feel like an adult I don’t feel like a man What would happen if everyone went vegan? What will happen when there is no sun? And does anyone still use Faceparty? ...I know I’m not the only one Is it OK if I never get married? Is it OK if I never own a house? Is it OK if I’m not OK? I don’t know what to do with myself
Come around We both got nothing on And nothing ever changes on days like this Heading down On your way, show you my location Sunday morning, feel better now Won’t you stop Staring out into middle distance? Listing everything you gotta do Let it go Even if only ‘till the sun goes down I want to see you See you in person Half an hour out Recently we just love to cancel Put it off and watch seasons change Calendars Pulling us apart as we get older ‘Cos I need you more than I let on Another time No need to apologies, I get it But there’s a sadness in the journey home Through the years More and more, things just make you anxious I want to see you See you in person ‘Cos I can’t feel you Through the words...
When you wake at night There’s no-one else around You fumble for the light But there’s no more light to be found I hope to get out of this one Never been so deep I hope to get out of this one Never been so deep before Can’t quite say your name Don’t think I understand Threatening to break You’re a stretched rubber band Shut out the noise Don’t listen to it Already have the answers Knowing you’re there’s enough Distance wears me down Don’t wanna give you up


released January 11, 2019

All tracks written, performed and produced by Low Island.
Addition all production from:
Oli Bayston/Boxed In (Long Answer, When You Wake At Night)
Miles James (In Person)
Mixed: Matthew Wiggins


all rights reserved



Low Island UK

Low Island is a collaboration between DJ/Producers Jamie Jay and Carlos Posada, bassist Jacob Lively, and jazz drummer Felix Higginbottom. You’ll never find Low Island forced into wearing a creative straightjacket. seeing no contradiction in slipping between uplifting electronica and intimate ballads – or merging the two. It was a step that was both deliberate and natural. ... more

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