In This Room EP

by Low Island

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In this room I can feel The gravity holding it down Make some room If things get real Grab me and turn me around In this room I can feel The gravity holding it down Make some room And let me heal Grab me and turn me around You can’t shake yourself Your repeat false starts ‘Cos frosted glass ceilings are standing in the way And it makes no, makes no sense You become convinced That if the clouds parted The sky would still be grey
Close your eyes and go to sleep I will hold a mirror to your dreams Light as air and at peace It’s been a while since you’ve let go Find somewhere to rest your head Find a place to call your own What do you want? This is just a sketch of what happens Falling out of love with youth Somewhere to spend the idle days Find a place to call our own Looking for a place to hide Not out there but deep inside Become unknown and fade from view
I can be there In a moment The smell of the air And the choking Turn this around I can’t speak I can’t make a sound You’ve shown your hand You can’t do anymore than that You may never find that kind of love... You may never find that kind of love again Is this what you really wanted? If you turn your back, you deserve it? All of that time Gone in a blink of an eye You’ve shown your hand You can’t do anymore than that
Come round I’m about I can be around I’ve found little plans Falling through the gap Somewhere, here, I’ll be I’ll be, somewhere, here I’m easy Sometimes things can be easy Which seems Untrue I wish things could be easy, cos you Cos you, only wanted one or two Nice things, nice things Only wanted one or two Nice things, nice things Come down, down from there I will pick you up Mind your step, you’ll hurt yourself Cos you always needed luck Time lag Bean bag Tag out Ping pong What’s wrong Time out Here is just about somewhere Outdoors Indoors I wish we could be somewhere Are we there yet? Been a while What’s new New things Nice things Been a while what’s new Nothing O yeah that’s right Of course small talk You never come round anymore But that’s what I’m here for
You’re waiting for me to come home Yet here I am sat across from you I am a house with lights out Knock at the door, bang on the door Stay awake, stay awake Struggling to relate Cos I’ve fallen down a rabbit hole And now I can’t give you anything Give you anything Do you think I will make it out alive? Hold tight, for a while And I’ll turn on the lights You’re getting sick of the silence ‘Cos I forgot how to talk to you You’re right for losing your patience I’m like a photo, I am a photo All I can give you Is cause for concern


Low Island's second EP.


released January 1, 2017

All tracks written, performed and produced by Low Island.


all rights reserved



Low Island UK

Low Island is a collaboration between DJ/Producers Jamie Jay and Carlos Posada, bassist Jacob Lively, and jazz drummer Felix Higginbottom. You’ll never find Low Island forced into wearing a creative straightjacket. seeing no contradiction in slipping between uplifting electronica and intimate ballads – or merging the two. It was a step that was both deliberate and natural. ... more

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